InCompass360 enables you to store your key sales and marketing information on one easy-to-use platform. The platform can be used effectively for companies operating in different segments of the racing industry.


The custom-built platform is developed by InCompass Solutions, Inc. using technology provided by Salesforce.com - the leader in cloud-based CRM solutions.


  • Customer Profile Data

    At the heart of InCompass360 is the ability to maintain detailed customer profiles. These profiles store basic information about your customers, such as name, address, location, and email preferences, as well as summary and detailed information about the purchases those customers have made at your facility.

  • Wagering Data

    InCompass360 can be configured to accept wagering data from each of the major tote systems as well as

    any other systems that contain your wagering data. This data is available on the platform for analysis and/or

    to support the needs of your loyalty / rewards programs.

  • Ticket Sales

    InCompass360 can be configured to receive ticketing and seating sales information from third party systems to give you a more complete picture of your most active on-track customers.

  • Publications

    For facilities selling products online InCompass360 is the perfect solution to store, analyze and act upon

    your sales activity. When combined with our communication tools from Salesforce Marketing Cloud you get a powerful combination of technology that lets you track and guide your customer journeys like never before.

  • Group Sales

    InCompass360 provides your on-track group sales department with the necessary tools to find and book groups for their day-at-the-races. Regarded as one of the most important ways to introduce new

    fans to horse racing, Group Sales can have positive effects on short- and long-term attendance, handle and profitability.

  • Parking / Admissions Management

    InCompass360 has an integrated transactional system used to open, close and balance sales points around a live or simulcast wagering facility. This feature ties closely into the use of loyalty club cards to provide discounts for varying customer segments.


    In addition to providing real-time information about which admission promotions are most effective, this feature gives you critical oversight of cash dominant operations.

  • Racing Data

    Our CRM platform can leverage racing data within our web-based interface and our mobile platform to give your executives access to key metrics related to the most successful races to offer, historical entry statistics and your available horse population both on the grounds and in your area.

  • Loyalty / Rewards

    InCompass360 built-in loyalty features allow you to run a complete rewards program to issue / redeem

    points for various activities. Typically, these programs reward customers for attendance, wagering and

    ticket purchase behaviors but can be extended to include most other third party systems to provide a more complete view of your fans' preferences and tendencies.

  • Communications

    One of the primary reasons CRM systems are so widely used is the ability to derive information used to segment and target your customers with the 'right marketing message at the right time' - thus increasing response rates and overall sales.


    In addition to providing InCompass360 as a powerful CRM platform, InCompass Solutions, Inc. also maintains relationships with top-tier email marketing and text messaging providers whose solutions can be bundled with the platform to give you the best tools needed to keep your customers loyal and engaged.





InCompass360's mobile companion gives you access to your CRM data while you are on the go. The intuitive interface can be configured to deliver summary or detailed information about your customer as well as your racing operation.


From customer profile information to sales and marketing data to racing specific metrics, i360 Mobile keeps you connected to your information while you're away from the office.


Contact us at 859-296-3000 for a demonstration of how racing organizations are using the mobile platform.




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